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Custom Rockabilly #2 The Troubadour

The Chrome Daddies, The Rumble Kings, Corn Liquor   March 11, 2006

Review by Lori Lee

Well, I tell ya what - there is no light and shade with these gig reviews - it's just all good news. Every rockabilly gig held this year has been a ripper and last Saturday's Custom Rockabilly was no exception.

The only drama occurred just 15 minutes before opening time when all the power suddenly went out at the Troubadour. The lights went out, the fridges went off, the phones shut down, the pa went off, the only remaining light was my pale white face and the emergency exit sign. We scrambled with our torches and tried to locate the source of the problem. To cut a long and nervous story short, the Cosmopolitan Cafe downstairs had blown a circuit breaker with a faulty deep fryer, so we were able to restore power just minutes before opening time. Whew. That was close.

The Custom Rockabilly night once again enjoyed a strong turnout of punters from all walks of life. The shows at The Troubadour have given rockabilly music a higher profile and the music is now within the grasp of all live music fans - not just those living the rockabilly lifestyle. It's great to see so many new and different faces and I'm happy to report that the new crowd doesn't do the wallflower waltz when the bands come on. Everybody gets amongst it, right down the front, hoopin' and hollerin', dancing and taunting the bands, blowin' off steam, applauding loudly and generally having a fabo time.

Corn Liquor was the first band up that evening and boy have they come a long way since their old Tractor Jacks days.  With a tour to New Zealand and a cd release under their belts, the band has grown into a solid outfit and they performed an excellent set of traditional rockabilly and originals. The crowd loved 'em. 

The following set by The Rumble Kings was extraordinary. With their regular drummer missing in action, the Kings ditched their usual rockabilly set list and opted for a sizzling rhythm'n'blues marathon, spurred on by the ever growing and all enthusiastic crowd of women in front of the stage - one passionate fan even getting a handful of denim and who knows what else as she made a grope for one of the Kings.

The Chrome Daddies were the final band of the night and put in a superb set as expected. The four piece had a great time on stage, keeping the audience dancing with their rockabilly and c'n'w tunes - I even took a moment to two-step to a Gram Parsons song. Great stuff folks.

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