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Ready for take off...

Custom Rockabilly #4 @ The Troubadour, July 08, 2005:

With a busy Brisbane gig calendar, the chances of two shows happening on the one night are highly likely. That’s what happened last Saturday night when the fourth Custom Rockabilly night took place at the Troubadour. The Troub’ featured Men Into Space, The Rumble Kings, Brandi & The Badcats and yours truly at the dj desk. Just around the corner at the Zoo was the Casino Rumblers from Sydney and el Borracho amongst others. It didn’t dampen the spirit or the attendance of the audience, as most people gig-hopped between the two shows, but it did mean that some of you missed seeing a band or two. 

The Custom Rockabilly night opened up with Brandi and The Badcats playing their most rockin’ set I have seen yet. With Coojee Thunder on drums, Brandi on double bass and Reno on geetar, the trio pumped through a great set of she-billy and rock’n’roll. Lookout for these ‘cats at the Hot Rod Show at GreazeFest. Next up were The Rumble Kings and they totally nailed it with a spicy serving of rockabilly, peppered with rhythm’n’blues. A highlight was their take on ‘Little Miss Prissy’ with Rupert utilising a Corona bottle as a slide on his Gretsch. The Rumble Kings are well and truly ready for GreazeFest. Are you?  

With such great supports, the audience was really tuned in and turned on for the Men Into Space launch. The stage darkened, a flickering strobe beckoned the audience to the dance floor, an eerie smoke filled the stage and out strode the Men Into Space, decked out in space suits and helmets. They launched straight into the instrumental ‘Bumblebee Twist’ and followed with a tight-as-a-fist set of space-flight rockabilly. Numbers such as Rocket 69, Rock on the Moon and Satellite Baby were the in-flight entertainment and their customised instruments and amps really set the scene. With band members including Jon Flynn
on bass, Dangerous Dan on geetar and Rupert Jenner on drums, this is a mighty talented space crew. Too talented for the outer limits, let’s keep ‘em here on Earth.

Thanks to Pix by Pete for the photos. Click 'em to make 'em bigger.


Men into Space launch at The Troubadour:







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