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Rockabilly Psychosis - January 13, 2007

The Rockabilly Psychosis gig last Saturday was very exciting. It was a hot’n’humid night, so wife-beaters were the dress code on the night. The room at The Troubadour filled quickly with all the young dudes who were out to see some high-energy rockabilly. The Bad Moon Company pulled in a huge crowd of supporters whose presence reminded me of the Kiss Army with their unwavering allegiance. In fact, the whole audience was chanting, hollering, dancing and air punching all though the night.

All the bands – Bad Moon Company, The Nervous Wreckers and The Ten Fours - put on great performances.
I had a ball at the DJ desk and was happy to play the “lets stump the DJ game” with some curveball psycho requests. It was Paulie Burke’s birthday (the bass player from the Ten Fours) and he endured prolonged on stage pranks by other musicians in the audience. The antics were very boys-school, as Paulie was dacked, stripped, re-clothed by his wife, maneuvered, up-ended, his shoes stuck into the bass f-holes, amongst other things, and all while he didn’t miss a note on his bass. Check out some of the action shots on the web, as words don’t do justice. Here’s a big thanks to all the bands and all the punters who came out that night.

Hopefully we’ll have another Psychosis night soon once the venue recovers!

Lori Lee o-[*_*]-o

Bad Moon Company

The Nervous Wreckers:




The Ten Fours:


The audience:

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