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The Mods'n'Rockers Rock'n'Roll Dance Party @ Souths, February 17, 2007:

As we lugged in the last of the gear upstairs to Souths in preparation for the Mods'n'Rockers on a typically hot Brisbane summer night, I said a quiet thank you for the GreazeFest falling in winter.

On all the gig info, the opening time said 8pm, but you can't hold the rockers back when there is a good gig in town and the queue was forming up the stairs by 7pm. By 8.15pm, the room was pretty much full and I could have let the door staff go home! Yes, there were a few 'mods', but only a handful, compared to the couple of hundred rockers ready to party.

Brandi & The Badcats opened the show with a top set of fillybilly with Brandi spanking that big double bass like a naughty child. I haven't seen Brandi play since their gig at the Troubadour last year and man, have these cats hit their stride, much to the delight of the dancers. Since moving to Brisbane from Melbourne, the The Badcats have practically taken over the town, with gigs every weekend and happy punters everywhere.

Next up was
first of the 'mod' bands, Screamin’ Stevie & the Credit Union. After seeing how few mods turned up to the night, I knew these boys would have a challenge winning over the mainly rockabilly crowd. Some rockers tried to dance, but the beats were not ones they were used to. The sound level of the band was also peaking, causing anyone who didn't like their tunes to exit to the safety of the big deck at Souths, which in turn made the sound of the band louder, as there was less people to 'soak up' the decibels. None of this fazed the purple-caped Screamin' Stevie, who revived the spirit of James Brown, thanking and gesturing to the crowd with his customary wave throughout his set.

If the rockers sat on their hands for the Credit Union, were quick to fill the dance floor when Mick Hadley & The Atomic Boogie Band hit the stage. I've never seen the dance floor so crowded and I had visions of the whole floor caving in to the downstairs bar!! Mick Hadley and his very talented Atomic Boogie-ists put 150% into this show and really showed everyone how to R-O-C-K! Song after song came straight out of the rock'n'roll bible and the preacher sung like he was giving his final sermon. It was simply a fantastic and most memorable show.

Where to go now, but back to the 1950s with some traditional rockabilly tunes from West Texas Crude. The Crude have a new drummer known as, 'The Brewster' and boy can hit he 'em hard, making a perfect backing for long time partners-in-crime, Andy (guitar) and Jon (bass). West Texas Crude kept the dance floor bouncing with their trad favourites - Lonesome Train, Flying Saucers Rock'n'Roll etc, sure we've heard 'em before, but these songs don't lose their charm and tonight they sounded great.

Throughout the night, I was dj-ing a good mix of the 50s and the 60s and received the bonus help of special guest DJ Leapin' Lawrie, who can spin 'em like there's no tomorrow. When I faded out the final song in the wee hours of the morning, some punters yelled out "keep playing" and, exhausted from the heat and the dancing, I yelled back "go home, it's over!!". Until next year, that is. See ya then!!

Here's a review of the show written by Rave Magazine that you can view
on their web site http://www.ravemagazine.com.au/content/view/2612/82/

The following photos are courtesy of Pix by Pete, check his site here: www.pixbypete.id.au  

Brandi & The Badcats:


Screamin' Stevie & The Credit Union:

Mick Hadley & The Atomic Boogie Band:


West Texas Crude:

DJ Lori Lee: